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Our Focus and Why We Exist

Business Ownership & Development

BOB Rewards Club works with Black Owned Businesses across the United States, helping them to achieve sustainability though various business development solutions that actually work.  

Home Ownership

Home Ownership is the easiest way to build wealth, relationships and socio-political power.   Own where you live and stop gentrification. Help to build better foundations by investing in your Black Community.  

Mental Health

In recent years, Black Communities have seen a rise in mental illness and we care about their emotional well-being.  We're bringing awareness, solutions and support to people who suffer with Schizophrenic, Bipolar and Personality Disorders.  There are certain ailments to our society like Gun Violence, Drug Use, Domestic Violence and more that are the direct effect of mental illness.  

Social/Racial Justice

For half a century, Black Americans have fought for inclusion, equality and justice in a racialized system that impacts everything we do in our society.  This includes government, healthcare, education, business & personal relationships just to name a few.  

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