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Juneteenth Minnesota 2023
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We're still adding more guest speakers, and we have limited space seating at The Capri Theater, RSVP if you plan to attend the Juneteenth Business Forum this year.

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Juneteenth also known as Freedom Day is an extraordinary time of the year when we celebrate the end of American Slavery in the United States.  The first celebrations of Juneteenth started in  Austin, Texas in 1867, this was approximately two years after Black Slaves were freed in Texas when the rest of the States in America abided by the Emancipation Proclamation signed by 
"Abraham Lincoln after the first Civil War between the North and the South, in 1863.   

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Meet Michael Chaney
One of the Founders of Juneteenth in Minnesota

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Learn how Juneteenth was created in Minnesota.  The legacy of events for decades, from the beginning to today.   

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BOB = (Black Owned Businesses)

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  • Live Music

  • Fresh Good Food

  • Local BOB Vendors

  • Kid's Gaming & Activities

  • Multiple Exhibitions 

  • Live Speakers

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Juneteenth Minnesota 2023
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